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Irrigation & Backflow Testing


Managing water us key to a healthy landscape… We recognize the investment your landscape represents for your home and property. With water concerns rising, it's important to keep up with the most current water-saving irrigation technology. We specialize in installing new water saving irrigation systems and renovating your existing system to be more efficient.

We Offer the Following Irrigation Services

  • Irrigation installation: Our Licensed Irrigation staff can design and install a system that will provide a sufficient quantity of water to your lawn and plantings, without excess, and use all possible means to ensure efficient control. Our irrigation system warranty covers one full year

  • Irrigation inspection & repairs: Get your irrigation system working at its best with our sprinkler system inspection! We'll examine your entire sprinkler system and determinate what improvements can be made to help you save time, money and water!

  • Drip irrigation installation & repairs: Using drip system can cut your water use by 50% or more! Drip irrigation puts small amounts of water right at the root zone, helping to keep plants heathy and vibrant while reducing runoff

  • Rain/freeze sensor installation: installing a rain sensor on your irrigation systems is the smart way to reduce water usage and costs

  • Irrigation rerouting: Often times an existing sprinkler system needs to be modified or renovated before or after add-on to your home

  • Foundation watering: dripline installed along the perimeter of your slab promotes moisture balance and protects your home from shrinking and swelling that could damage your foundation and lead to expensive repairs

Smart Controller

A smart controller makes it easy to crate custom schedules that automatically adjust for changing local weather. Monitor it all from your smartphone!


Smart Controller


Flow Meter


It is mandatory that you have your irrigation backflow device assembly tested every year!

Backflow tester

Backflow installation & repair


Backflow Test


Backflow Meter

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