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Lawn Care & Maintenance

A beautilful green lawn is a point of pride. So weeds must go! Weeds pop up in all lawn type and every season in Texas.


Lawn Care Program

Weed control & fertilization
(8 treatments per year)


*Service area: Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett & Royse City TX

We Offer the Following Specialized Treatments

Lawn Insect & Disease

  • Fire ant: controls unwanted fire ants, where agent touches soil. Guaranteed for one year

  • Flea and tick: protection against unwanted fleas & ticks (recommend treatments every 12 weeks)

  • Mosquito backpack fogging: This is a barrier spray around properties to reduce the mosquito population. The products are people and pet friendly, and they are safe for our environment.

  • Grub: Control of subsurface, lawn damaging insects (e.g. chinch bugs, sod worms)

  • Lawn fungus: control against lawn funguses (e.g. brown patch, summer patch) recommended twice a year. Strongly suggested in St. Augustine

Lawn & Ornamental Bed Problem Weeds & Grasses

  • Nutsedge: control of both yellow & purple nutsedge in designated areas

  • Dallis grass & crabgrass: control of Dallis grass & crabgrass designated areas. Not applicable for St. Augustine lawns

  • Non-selective grass: total weed killing. Suggested only for areas where vegetation is unwanted

  • (e.g. dry creek, rock beds & concrete cracks) May - July

  • Poison ivy & oak: control of both ivies, may require up to 3 treatments

Other Lawn Care Services

  • Aeration: reduces soil compaction & thatch build-up, increase water penetration, root development and drought tolerance

  • Dethatching or vertta-cutting: removal of excess grass growth, usually grass growing on top of each other. Disabling oxygen, water & other nutrients to soil for root growth (Strongly recommended for St. Augustine and Bermuda tiff lawns)

  • Overseeding: Annual green grass for Winter months (cool season). Apply after aeration and before pre-emergent)




Lawn Grubs


Aeration, Before & After



Lawn Maintenance Packages

9 month: Includes scalping, mowing and lawn care program* (Mar-Nov)

12 month: Includes 9 month plus leaves pick-up and pruning ornamental trees and grasses (Jan-Dec)

Optional: shrub trimming and  flowerbed hand weeding


Annual contract and lawn care program required for any lawn maintenance packages (no exceptions)


*Service area: Rockwall- Heath TX

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